Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I started listening to Time Traveller by Rahul Sharma yesterday. I tell you I cant stop listening to it. I wanna go get the CD this weekend.

Its quite fusionistic. But more of pop+classical. Personally, it's the sound of the Santoor that got me addicted. It so soothing, so bright, so cheerful!

Here are some excerpts.


The Time Traveller

It has 9 tracks. 4 are on the same dhun, but have different approaches. Including one where Rahul Sharma sings. Very refreshing indeed....

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Blog-hopping as always, I found a friend mention that she wished "there was some kind of pill I could take to give me immunity from ever falling sick."

I was thinking.. what other pills would I wanna have....

1.Pill to fall asleep immediately. For those sleepless nights/days

2.Pill to not fall asleep. That doesn't taste horrible like coffee.

3.Pill to focus. Less extreme way to control my gameplay and/or internet time.

4.Pill for hyperactivity. Alternative to an expresso shot. Usefull when I need that extra punch while coding..

5.Pill for motivation. Tons needed before boring exams.. Like now!!

6.Pill to be creative. Ah this one... I really need.

7.Pills for food. Who am I kidding?

8.Pills for exercise. That's my conscience speaking..

9.Pill to force one's behaviour and feelings on thought.. Sigh..

If only..

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Google Calendar.

Not that it's new, but Google Calendar Beta is out. Check it out. Really cool.. Some nice features including the ability to share with people; Creating calendars and saving them as files; multiple viewing styles.... Just take a look..

The only qualm I have is that it does not work well with Opera... I hope that changes soon.

What I just found out is that there is a way to sync my favourite desktop calendar, Rainlender, with Google Calendar. Using the iCal interface avaliable on both I can move events around.

Still a bit buggy, but I am sure Rainy will add Google Calender support soon. Or maybe I should try to hack a calendar application myself..or extend Rainlender...:D

All in due time...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Goodbye Rhumba Frap

Starbucks stopped serving Rhumba Frappcino's recently. I found out about it while blog hopping.

(Image from

Sigh.. one more of my favourites gone... Though I never really liked coffee (addiction is another thing.. I dont drink because I like.. I drink because I need to stay awake), I love Frappcinos from Starbucks.

I remember the time when I was first introduced to the Fraps.. It was during the 1st 3 months of JC , a class (00S09 from TPJC) outing to PS. One of them recomended me the Rhumba Frap and the rest is history... Wonder any of them read my blog...:S

I only wish I could have a "Power Rhumba Frap" one last time.... Sigh...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

And so it ends..

Just realised that today was the last day of school for me! Tomorrow's Good Friday and next week is reading week.

And so it ends.... It was the best four years of my life so far.. Learnt so much, got to know so many people, so many things. Feel that I really grew in NUS, in a way.

Parting is painful...sigh.. Gonna miss NUS...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Post FYP Syndrome..

I have been suffering from what I term as the Post FYP Syndrome (PFS).

It has two main aspects to it, the psychological aspect, and the physiological aspect.

First the physiological aspect, lack of sleep: After conditioning my body to be dependent on caffeine for almost 2-3 months, the sudden withdrawal (which was done with a lot of determination) is causing havoc. Cravings are a huge problem... and I tend to stay away from vending machines, coffee dispensers and Spinelli's....

My sleeping pattern (actually the lack of one) is the other thingy. Too used to the 3-4hrs per night, and so now I can’t sleep for more than 3-4hrs, even when I try very hard. And I still woke like super tired today.

The physiological effects are worst. Now that most of the urgent deadlines have been met and all, I have time to rest, do nothing, slack... But, I can't get myself to slack.. Its too depressing... :'( Cos then I end up thinking about life and stuff... :"(...

So I have to work... But I cant get myself to work.. Cos I am so tired of working...Just finished FYP lah... need to recoup.... but I can't... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

FYP Blues.. and Greens...

'Tis done..

Just finished the graded part of my FYP today. What a ride!! Its rightfully 12MCs... Trust me!

First, let me thank sweska, jazz and TheWeed for actually coming down to my presentation. Especially TheWeed, I know u were really sleep deprived.. appreciated man!

For those who missed image of my GUI!!

I was thinking of bloging abt FYP before... and not in a positive way.. But I realised that I got to learn a lot... And not only about academic matters but life in general...

Positive thinking.
Was complaining about the 30mins limit on my presentation when my supervisor snapped back, "I have an hour to explain 6 years of PhD level research". Things can always be worst off... Just be happy with what you have..

Haven't had a game on my laptop since start of last sem... Life is all about sacrifice, just be sure of what you want to keep and what you want to sacrifice.

If not for this...I would have never been able to clean the 100++ bugs I found in my code... Last one found and cleaned 10hrs before presentation..

Passion will take you through everything, good, bad and ugly. You just need to find your passion. Its not easy, I am not sure I have found mine...but try..

Time management.
OK. This one I learnt the hard way. Supervisor had once said, "Don't leave everything for the last month ah". I was like, "Of course I won't!". Who was I kidding??

Anyway, FYP is not done yet, still have another draft to do, and a HUGE amount of code to clean-up, debug and document... Sigh.. back to work...

Monday, April 03, 2006

FYP Presentation!!


Like I said, all are welcome to attend the presentation. ECE has confirmed that the lab will be open that day from 9am onwards, and there will be few more presentations before mine. You can catch them also.

As for my presentation, I have a little advice.. Come with an open mind, have lots of imagination, and most importantly, ask questions!!

The time has come. FYP CA4 presentation is gonna be on 11th April. This is THE presentation for FYP. Worth 30% of the grade!

Here are the details..

Date: 11 April, 2006.
Venue: Interactive & Digital Media Lab, E4-06-21, NUS.
Time: 10:30am

Here is an abstract of what my project was about. Take a look and see if it interests you. And come down to hear more about the project!! Its open to all and all are invited!!