Thursday, September 29, 2005

Of Morons and Reservations...

I never understand some people. And NO, I am not talking about politicians or that new lecturer in your lvl 3000 class .

I am talking about people who do moronic things and instead of just stopping they advertise their moronic actions..... Let me exemplify what I mean.

I saw this a couple of days ago on the door of my dorm's (PGP) common "Reading Room".

I mean how stupid can anyone get??? And even if you do something stupid, you dont have to tell the whole world about it....

From the dawn of time there have been notices warning residents not to leave their belongings and especially books in the reading rooms. But, every semester, especially nearer to the exams ALL the tables in ALL the Reading Rooms in my dorm are 'reserved' by people leaving their books on them.

Not that I ever study in these Reading Rooms, but I find this action very annoying. Its not fair for anyone who does not find an empty table on the 1st day. He'd probably not find one ever again. and my friend were contemplating on switching the books on different tables just to irritate those who had 'reserved' the tables... The Reading Room was totally empty with around 30 books on the 10+ tables. Would have been a nice mix and match game huh???

What's funny is that small scribble, at the bottom right corner, on the paper. I have blown it up. Here you go!

So do dear do I....

Speaking about reservations...did you notice how people 'reserve' seats in canteens. And I emphasise, HOW?? I don't want to talk abt whether one should reserve seats at all. Thats a touchy topic.

But, I have noticed people 'reserving' seats in canteens with tissue paper packet. That is ridiculous. If that's not bad enuff, I have seen a table in the Arts Canteen reserved by a wallet and a mobile phone!!!!(I am not lying...I have a witness. )

And I am just lost for words.....

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Music...The Magic....The Man

Saturday, 24th September 2005.

This day I will remember for the rest of my life (Doesn't count if I forget about it when I am really really old).

It was the day when I met one of the greatest there has ever been, at least for me. His music has enthralled, captivated, fascinated, mersmerised (Ok I am running out of verbs) me! The simplicity and at the same time the complexity of his music is brilliant. No one has ever created such beautiful mix of various kinds of music as the man. One of the most dynamic musicians that has ever given music in Indian Movies, and for that matter anywhere in the world.

(Enuff description now. I am sure you guys are bored by all the description).

He's the one and the only, A. R. Rahman!

The concert, A. R. Rahman, The 3rd Dimensional Tour was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Supposedly 8000 people attended it. Not surprising for the man himself. I am yet to find someone who absolutely doesn't like Rahman's music (If any of you falling in that category, pls shout out!).

The concert was absolutely astounding. I mean,
1. There was A.R.Rahman
2. There he was...playing his music
3. There were exteremly talented people playing/singing with him!

What else could I ask for??

I mean Tya concert nantar maaze mann agdi trupta zhaale.

There was one thing though, that I was not too happy about. In one of the brochures for the concert, they said "They will perform hits like Chak De from Hum Tum, Nahin Samne from Taal and Yun Hi Chala Chala from Swades."

Two things.
1. Since when did Rahman do the music for Hum Tum??? I mean when you are making a brochure for such an event you have to take at least that much care! COME ON! I am just :@ that people linked the music of Hum Tum with Rahman.

2. They did not perform Nahin Samne in the concert....:'( That track is, for me, Rahman's best compostion! Sung even more brilliantly by Hariharan. I was very very saddened.

However, the concert did save itself right from the start! There was some crap from the sponsers which was not very well accepted by the audiance. The concert started with a big bang and firework. And immediately, Rahman went into Fanaa! What else could I ask for. I was this close to going all crazy.....:$

Rest of the concert was fantastic! Four hours of non-stop entertainment. One of the best four hours of my life. I returned a happy and satisfied person!

What else can I say....

The Man....The Music....The Magic.....

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Of Russell Peters and Stereotypes...

Watched a show by this standup commedian Russell Peters yesterday. It was like a clip that my friend sent me. Pretty funny stuff. You guys, try to watch it. You can torrent it.(Thanks to the guys who are hosting it);)

He's got some nice takes on people of different races. I mean it can be a bit crude sometimes but hey, its always good to be able to laugh on yourself and your kind. And if you think he's rude.....Get a life man!!...

The thing that struck me though, was a comment by a friend of mine that all the 'issues' that my man, Russell, brought up were stereotypical. Accepted!..... Not all Indians have such heavy accents and not all Chinese know Kung Fu.... But then my friend says that Russell forgot to mention (and I quote).

"dancing arnd coconut trees"....

Now, that I cannot accept.

My friend did though also say that (and I quote again).

"thats what some ppl tell me....not my idea".

But that does not change the fact that people have this stereotype that Indians in general like to dance around coconut trees. Now, this is supposed have come from movies. That implies one of these three things.
  • 1. 'ppl' here have been watching films that dont even last for a day in India.

I salute those soul, I feel for you my brothers. I used to watch something like that 11yrs ago, din have ZeeTV then. Man.... movies with names that don't even make sense. "Roti Dhoti Chaupati". Thats was a real movie name. Though I din make it through the anything after the title.

  • 2. Hindi movies have been getting really shitty recently??

I'm not a big fan of movies in general.... So I dare not comment.

  • 3. 'ppl' watch movies from decades ago and only find the dance/song sequences interesting thus just remember that

Possible explaination, given the fact that many non-Indians find the dance/song sequences very intriguing.

So where do I stand???...

Good qn.... I say...Rather go for a concert than watch a movie, after all....

its the sound that matters...;)...!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

To Blog or Not to Blog???

I have been contemplating about blogging for a few months. Its kinda fun, but it needs discipline. The thing that I lack the most. I mean I even had a 'cool' website once,back in secondary school days. Don't know what happened to it. Cant even seem to find it. All I remember was that it was hosted on Geocities, and the address has a "/CapeCanaveral/" inside!!!

So I decide to give it a try. I guess I have to start learning discipline somewhere. Furthermore, its a nice way to stay in touch with friends, and I get to practice my writing. Oh and my HTML as well. Have forgotten that as well. Man! this University, makes you forget everything.....

Anyway, so here is a try at the most hyped thing in town. Hope it works.