Wednesday, May 31, 2006

To Commence or not to Commence


Much to the delight of my Mother, I have decided to go for my Commencement. The last straw was when some friends decided to outcast me, for planning to not attend the Commencement, from right now! Sigh... friends I have...

On the brighter side.. There is gonna be free food!!!!

To Commence or not to Commence that is the question.

I am in a dilema. I don't want to go for my Commencement. But I do.. :S

I feel that Commencement ceremonies/ Convocations and all similar things are just a way to show off your acheivements. It's like a time to go up on the stage and say, 'Look I am so smart, I graduated from NUS!'.

Personally, I feel that there is no great acheivement in graduating from NUS. It's not that big a deal and really... anybody can do it. So what's there to show off? And in anycase I don't like showing off. Plus, its really lame to wait like 3 hours just to go up get a fake certificate and smile while your photo is being taken. The worst of all is the fact that CPE is like the last few course to have convocation. Its like 8pm on 13th June!!

But I really want to go for mt Commencement ceremony. That's possibly the last time I'll get to meet so many of my friends. It will be fun hanging out, wearing stupid gowns and making fun of each other. I am already missing NUS and the people. This will be one chance to go back to NUS and meet so many..

Sigh.. I have to decide by the end of next week... Help please..

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Flying Time

It's amazing how time flies . Exams end.. Projects end... Semsters ends... Years end and Eras end.

It's also ironic that I have not posted for the last 2-3 weeks just when so many things happened. I'd rather not start on that.

When a chapter ends, another begins. The old chapter should not be delved on for much longer. And the new one, started on as soon as possible....

That reminds me, I have to read Da Vince Code before the movie ceases to exist in the theatres!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Milo at 430...

Yup its 5am on a Saturday morning. I have no exams, school, work or anything.. But I am up..

Sigh. I kinda skipped dinner yesterday and was too sleepy to think about supper. And now like 3 hours after I slept, I wake up with crazy nightmares in my head.(I dont even wanna go there). So I decided that I was hungry and decided to grab some Milo from the vending machines and a granola bar.

So I went walking around PGP at 430am, in my PJs, half-asleep looking for Milo. And NO freaking vending machines in PGP have any freaking drinks left in them.. And I mean NONE. I walked around for 30mins looking for some drink and returned empty handed.

What does a man have to do here to get a Milo??

Thursday, May 04, 2006


As a part of the fringe benefits of doing my FYP in I2R, I got to attend many interesting seminars and talks there. Just attended one on Web2.0 today. Very simple, very straight forward, and very interesting.

Reminds me of a blog post from a friend..:p

Wikipedia has a nice long article on it.

A few points I took home..
  • All the Web2.0 applications are content driven. The technology allows people to share and access the content easily. It’s just the means.
  • Lower hardware costs are major driving forces for the Web2.0 'boom'.
  • Mashups (linking multiple available services to create newer, more useful, services) go a long way..
  • Look at alternate sources of revenue..
  • Finally..All you need is a simple idea.... The technologies and support is there. If you do it right, your start-up can also be bought by Google at $2m+++ ;)

Any Ideas???

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

D-O-N-E... Done

Its Done!!!

Exams are over! NUS is over.. :(.. Well kinda... to plan for the 'Vacations'.

I need to.

  • Finish up FYP
  • Get a JOB!
  • Plan for the Roadtrip
  • Build new Computer
  • Organise Backups
  • Get Broadband at Home
  • Catch up with friends.. old and new!!
  • Make Minty! +++
  • Learn Diving
  • Join a Gym!
  • Read Da Vinci Code (hopefully before I watch the movie)
  • Continue Chinese lessons..
  • Learn Music... kinda
  • Learn... so many other things

So many things to do so little time... How is this different from being in NUS again???