Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Music...The Magic....The Man

Saturday, 24th September 2005.

This day I will remember for the rest of my life (Doesn't count if I forget about it when I am really really old).

It was the day when I met one of the greatest there has ever been, at least for me. His music has enthralled, captivated, fascinated, mersmerised (Ok I am running out of verbs) me! The simplicity and at the same time the complexity of his music is brilliant. No one has ever created such beautiful mix of various kinds of music as the man. One of the most dynamic musicians that has ever given music in Indian Movies, and for that matter anywhere in the world.

(Enuff description now. I am sure you guys are bored by all the description).

He's the one and the only, A. R. Rahman!

The concert, A. R. Rahman, The 3rd Dimensional Tour was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Supposedly 8000 people attended it. Not surprising for the man himself. I am yet to find someone who absolutely doesn't like Rahman's music (If any of you falling in that category, pls shout out!).

The concert was absolutely astounding. I mean,
1. There was A.R.Rahman
2. There he was...playing his music
3. There were exteremly talented people playing/singing with him!

What else could I ask for??

I mean Tya concert nantar maaze mann agdi trupta zhaale.

There was one thing though, that I was not too happy about. In one of the brochures for the concert, they said "They will perform hits like Chak De from Hum Tum, Nahin Samne from Taal and Yun Hi Chala Chala from Swades."

Two things.
1. Since when did Rahman do the music for Hum Tum??? I mean when you are making a brochure for such an event you have to take at least that much care! COME ON! I am just :@ that people linked the music of Hum Tum with Rahman.

2. They did not perform Nahin Samne in the concert....:'( That track is, for me, Rahman's best compostion! Sung even more brilliantly by Hariharan. I was very very saddened.

However, the concert did save itself right from the start! There was some crap from the sponsers which was not very well accepted by the audiance. The concert started with a big bang and firework. And immediately, Rahman went into Fanaa! What else could I ask for. I was this close to going all crazy.....:$

Rest of the concert was fantastic! Four hours of non-stop entertainment. One of the best four hours of my life. I returned a happy and satisfied person!

What else can I say....

The Man....The Music....The Magic.....

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