Saturday, September 24, 2005

Of Russell Peters and Stereotypes...

Watched a show by this standup commedian Russell Peters yesterday. It was like a clip that my friend sent me. Pretty funny stuff. You guys, try to watch it. You can torrent it.(Thanks to the guys who are hosting it);)

He's got some nice takes on people of different races. I mean it can be a bit crude sometimes but hey, its always good to be able to laugh on yourself and your kind. And if you think he's rude.....Get a life man!!...

The thing that struck me though, was a comment by a friend of mine that all the 'issues' that my man, Russell, brought up were stereotypical. Accepted!..... Not all Indians have such heavy accents and not all Chinese know Kung Fu.... But then my friend says that Russell forgot to mention (and I quote).

"dancing arnd coconut trees"....

Now, that I cannot accept.

My friend did though also say that (and I quote again).

"thats what some ppl tell me....not my idea".

But that does not change the fact that people have this stereotype that Indians in general like to dance around coconut trees. Now, this is supposed have come from movies. That implies one of these three things.
  • 1. 'ppl' here have been watching films that dont even last for a day in India.

I salute those soul, I feel for you my brothers. I used to watch something like that 11yrs ago, din have ZeeTV then. Man.... movies with names that don't even make sense. "Roti Dhoti Chaupati". Thats was a real movie name. Though I din make it through the anything after the title.

  • 2. Hindi movies have been getting really shitty recently??

I'm not a big fan of movies in general.... So I dare not comment.

  • 3. 'ppl' watch movies from decades ago and only find the dance/song sequences interesting thus just remember that

Possible explaination, given the fact that many non-Indians find the dance/song sequences very intriguing.

So where do I stand???...

Good qn.... I say...Rather go for a concert than watch a movie, after all....

its the sound that matters...;)...!!!

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