Monday, January 23, 2006


I hate this. Just as I was getting back into the groove for the semester, NUS decides to 'test' me again. They annouce NUS Arts Festival, with a huge line up of events. Its like right in the middle of the Sem....

Its really cool stuff. Local artists, international artists... Lots of interesting performances. I wanna go!!! But time...

But then, I will try my best to go for the following events. They seem somthing not worth missing. I mean it is my last sem in NUS.... I better catch them now..

1. CFA Distinguished Visitor: Dr. L. Subramaniam, Saturday, 18 February 2006, 7.30pm

2.A Night of Enchantment by NUS Symphony Orchestra (NUSSO) with Konstantin Scherbakov, Friday, 24 February 2006, 7.30pm

3.Bharat Culture ’06 Tatva … The Philosophy of Lifeby NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble, Sunday, 12 March 2006, 7.30pm

4.Al Bedouin Middle Eastern Music Ensemble, Saturday, 11 February 2006, 6.30pm

5.West African Djembe Ensemble performanceby Lîla Drum Orchestra, Friday, 17 February 2006, 6.30pm

6.Balawan & Batuan Ethnic Fusion (Bali), Friday & Sunday, 10 & 12 March 2006, 6.30pm

7.Golden Tunes of Yesteryearby NUS Rondalla, Saturday, 11 March 2006, 6.30pm

8.Lîla Drum Orchestra,Sunday, 19 March 2006, 6.30pm

9.Electrodyssey 2006: Beyond The Infiniteby NUS Electronic Music Lab (EML), Friday, 10 February 2006, 7.30 pm

10.Electronic Music Lab (EML) Workshop and Forum, Saturday, 11 February 2006, 4 -6pm

11.Mélange - International Students' Showcase 2006 by NUSSU International Relations Committee,Sunday, 12 February 2006, 3pm

12. Smoke Your Way Through!.... Italy, Saturday, 25 February 2006, 3 - 6pm

13. Smoke Your Way Through!.... France, Saturday, 11 February 2006, 3 - 6pm

Ahhhhh too many to catch!!.... Sigh must choose...:(

Oh and some have tix.... Very ex also.... :(... Sigh...

But anyway....if anyone wants to join me to watch some of these.... you are welcome.... :D

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