Friday, February 17, 2006

IPTV in Singapore!

Just saw this on the news yesterday! Mediacorps is starting IPTV service in Singapore. That mean you can download your favourite Mediacorps TV shows legally (hehe.. I know) for a small sum of money. Its basically like iTunes but for Mediacorps shows.

I think this is really cool. Hopefully if they manage the DRM stuff properly and we can time-shift and place-shift well enough, I can see this technology picking up. Especially since Singapore has so many mobile devices.

But, then again, they could really screw this up. And that will not be a surprise. We have seen it happen before. OK OK I will not complain about stuff... But they should really care about the quality of the videos they are offering. Or maybe a few options for the types of format and size for the user to choose. Also different DRM options so we dont have to download the same thing many times. I mean if they are going to get money for it, might as well do it well. I am sure people are willing to pay for it if they provide good service. I am....Are you??

Currently, I checked the website and the service is beta. Seems that it mostly doesn't work, but you can see the DRM options and costs. 1 episode of Police and Theif was S$3. Of course single view and the user cannot move the file, which sucks, but for S$3.. hey why not!

I also hope they put up some really cool TV shows from the past. You know like Under One Roof! and maybe PCK...especially the very first few seasons. Would be really fun to watch them again. For the sake of TheWeed, I have to mention Triple 9! And maybe the really old school stuff like MDIS!! and The RaRa Show..

Personally, I would do anything to get my hands on the whole season of Chase. That was one of the best local show I have watched. It was simple and sweet. OK lah, sometimes a little bo liao, but quite funny! And I guess TheWeed would want the final episode of Tiramisu that he missed..

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