Tuesday, May 02, 2006

D-O-N-E... Done

Its Done!!!

Exams are over! NUS is over.. :(.. Well kinda...

Anyway..now to plan for the 'Vacations'.

I need to.

  • Finish up FYP
  • Get a JOB!
  • Plan for the Roadtrip
  • Build new Computer
  • Organise Backups
  • Get Broadband at Home
  • Catch up with friends.. old and new!!
  • Make Minty! +++
  • Learn Diving
  • Join a Gym!
  • Read Da Vinci Code (hopefully before I watch the movie)
  • Continue Chinese lessons..
  • Learn Music... kinda
  • Learn... so many other things

So many things to do so little time... How is this different from being in NUS again???

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