Monday, October 03, 2005

Headphones for Dogs....and Whales????


So I am looking for a nice pair of headphones. Not too expensive, but something that gives a nice flat frequency response and undistorted sound at considerably high levels.

With some help I managed to shortlist the Sennheiser HD497.

I was looking for it at a Best Denki store when I chanced upon another headphone from another brand (I seem to forgotten the brand and the model). The technical specs read,"

"Frequency response 20-30000 Hz"



Werent we taught in like secondary that a human ear can only hear between 20-20kHz??

My course in Acoustic (at DTU) also taught me that human hearing was even worst than what was taught in secondary school. To actually hear a sound at 20kHz, you need to a sound that is as loud as a jet engin!!!!

So what do we do with a headphone that can give out a 30000kHz frequency??

What's funier is that most of Sony's headphones sport a frequency response of more than 22kHz! And the more $$ you pay for the pair the more in-audible frequencies your headphones can output!!!

This is exemplified in the Sony MDR-SA5000. Costs US$ 699.99!!! Boasts a frequency response of 5-110,000Hz!!!! And there is no typo here, its "a hundred and ten kilo Hertz"!!!!!!!

The only reason I can think of is that with such headphones, you can not only listen yourself, but let your dog listen as well!!!!

So next time your dog (or your whale) seems bored, go get it a pair of Sony/Sennheiser headphones. And both of you can enjoy the music!

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NTT said...

I appologise to all audiophiles for this post. I know the meaning of the rating a headphone with frequency responses more than 20000kHz.

However, its still funny that one can have headphones with 30kHz response!