Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mixed Feeling??...You bet

It is said that the best example of a mixed feeling is when :

"your mother-in-law drives your new Alfa-159 over a cliff"
(Personalised for NTT).

For me, this week is as mixed as it can get. On one hand I have tons of work to do. On the the other hand I am going to Pune! The worst part is that my weekend trip to Pune is not going to help reduce the work that I have to do.....:'(

But then, I get to meet the cutest girl in the world....:P:P

Sigh...I dread next week. I am going to drown in work.....

But then, a weekend in Pune would be a refreshing change.....maybe thats what I need....

But, my project mates aren't going to be too happy are they??

Thats mixed feeling for you..... Bet it cant get worst than that...can it?