Monday, November 28, 2005

Canon....Now that's what I call customer service... Canon digi-cam was screwed.. For some reasons, since like 2 weeks ago, it started showing me a blank screen. The menu could be seen but nothing from the lens. The pictures that I took also turned out to be blank. Seemed like a CCD problem.

But because it was "That time of the year" I did to try to get it repaired untill today. I was also a bit hesitant since the warranty was only untill last month. The cam is freaking cheapo, din wanna spend like 1/2 its price for repairs.

Actually I had heard something about many cam companies calling back their cams for damaged CCDs. But hadn't heard about Canon.

Anyways, so I go to Canon Service and Repair today. Its at Harbour Front. This is how it went...:P

Me: Umm... The problem with this cam is that it...

Lady at the counter (LATC): Has a blank screen?

Me: Umm Ya! (How does she know??)

LATC: OK. Its a CCD problem. We'll repair it for you FoC

Me: OK! Thats Cool.

LATC: Oh, but we dont have the stock for the CCDs. They wont be arriving till January.

Me: Oh! (Damn it...that means I need to buy a new cam for the trip in Dec???..)

LATC: But, we will loan you a camera till then!

Me: Huh?? Really??(Oooops did I just say that??) Cool!

LATC: Just fill this up...

(Followed by lots of paper work. How I wish they have some kinda RFID/NFC tech to grab all my usefull data that I authorize....:P:P)

LATC: Since you had a A310, and thats out of production, we will loan you a A410.

Me: OK!! (Yipeee!!!)

(A lot more paper work)

LATC: Ok. Here is your new cam. Thanks. We'll sms you when your cam is ready. Just bring back this cam as it is

Me: Sure. Thanks.... (Smirks...)

Seems like its a very common problem. Saw a lot of people carry away replacement cams. Here is the notice that Canon has given me. Seems like really a lot of people affected.

So if you own a Canon cam. Check if you can get the CCD replaced. Its only untill 31st Dec 2005.

I have to agree that the customer service is great. Reminds me of Fujitsu in a way...

I just I have one question for them... Can I keep it???...pls pls pls.....

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