Wednesday, November 16, 2005


OK. This is too much...

I suddenly have this urge to go on Exchange again. Rather to go back to Danmark and study as an exchange student in DTU. Og , selvfølgelig læse Dansk, en gang tid....All over Again!!!

I mean it was soooo coool. All the people I met there. All the adventures that we had. All the places we visited. And of course all the parties that we had. I am missing it.

What looking at people blogging from exchange and feeling jealous. Especially so when you have been to places that they are blogging from. Its like..."I know that. I have seen that. I was standing right over there!!!!"

Man, I am sure all those who have been on exchange will agree, hands down... the best time for your Uni-life.

Now my friends are asking me to visit them again!!! Oh man, I am soooo tempted to go back. How I wish I could just heck these exams and tour around Europe for a whole month, or maybe two or more...:P:P

My friends are asking me to make plans for next summer to Italy or Greece. I wanna go!! But I really doubt I will. Jobs and stuff would have started then. So I guess not for 3 more years then. Thats too late then.... But then where is Europe going. It will always be there as it is. So there is no hurry.

OK! Anyway, I will surely go one day. Like I said to so many of my friends from Denmark, "I promise to come back, some day". Hope that 'some day' does happen some day....

As Momo said... Till Next....