Thursday, November 24, 2005

Give Away...


I am giving away a few things. If you are interested in any of the following things, contact me.

(Hehe. Mostly academic stuff.... Semester end what.... :P:P)

1.EE3207 Computer Architecture ==> Lecture Notes + Text (Computer Architecture , Mano)

2.EE4214 Real Time Embedded Systems ==>Lecture Notes + Text (Real Time Software Primer, Simon)+Exam Papers!

3.GEM1519 Science of Music ==> Lecture Notes

4.EE4103 Coding Theory and Applications ==> Lecture Notes + Really really minuscule Cheatsheet...

5.Serenity movie Poster. (Its new, untouched and pretty large)

Things that are not cleared out by next week will be burnt in my semi-anual notes burning cermony.... All are invited...:P:P

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