Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Office 2007...Flock and more..

As I was pointed out by a friend yesterday, "its not that I have been wasting time since my exams got over, but my priorities are just all over the place". The list of things that I have to do is still unchecked and I am still busy!!

As for the things I have been doing, surfing the web and checking out software. So here's a quick summary of findings from the past few weeks... and more..

Office 2007 Beta is public. I was not sure whether I wanted to check this out, but since its free and I needed Word, I decided to check it out. And I am surprised by the amount of 'coolness' it has. I have to agree its a little annoying if you are used to using Word XP/2003. But some features are really great. Love the way styles are made easy to use as well as quick fonts and stuff. Do check it out, its worth the download...

Flock. I had heard of this browser before, and I was lazy to check it out. Its based on Firefox, and seems quite the same on the inside. But it has a neat looking theme and some great functionalities bundled along. A weird bookmarking concept which connects with delicious and a nice little note pad. My favorites though, blog support and flickr support. It would really appeal all bloggers and flickr fans. You can drag and drop your photos into your flickr account through the browser.. and write blog posts (as I am doing now) from Flock. This lets you quickly blog about stuff you see on the web, put images in it and all. Really great stuff. Of course being FF based, all your favorite extensions are available... well almost all..

Netbeans 5.0. OK, Netbeans 5.0 is nowhere near new, its from like Jan/Feb, but its cool! Its sports an amazing drag and drop GUI builder 'Matisse' for Java GUI. Here is a nice demo. You don't even need to know how to code for Java GUI to use this. Just place your components around and write the code for events. The code it generated for the GUI might be obnoxious, but hey at least you don't have to write it.

The only reason I am mentioning this is that I have to use Netbeans again just to take another screen shot of my GUI... :'(

Other stuff...

A really cool table top interface.

Hack your D-Link Router!

Simple GPS Data Logger

Lots of USB ports.. (Can I get one which maxs out the USB fanout?)

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