Monday, June 05, 2006

Say NO to platic bags..

This is cool! Finally they are going to try to reduce the amount of plastic bags that we use. A lot of trash can be saved if people are forced to reuse platic bags at the supermarket. One more step to lesser trash! Yay.

Its wierd, I was never a tree hugger for most of my life. Not that I did not care, but I always felt that it was too great a goal to acheive for societies in this world. However, my 6 month in Denmark changed my view. There was a pro-environment spririt in almost every European, (surely every Dane), that I met. Everybody cared for the environment, and encouraged others to care as well. I was reminded many times to recycle platic instead of just dunking it into the trash. The interesting thing is that most of the people I knew there was quite young. Environmental concerns are generally associated with older people, so this was even more surprising..

Their motivation and interest and the lack of pollution in Denmark, gave me hope. I believe we need that type of concern and enthusiasm to be able to have a environmentally friendly society. well, at least its starting. I plan to bring my own bags to the supermarket from now on! Wanna join??

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